Billing FAQ

Why has my credit card been declined?

There are several reasons your credit card may have been declined by your bank:

•The billing address you provided does not match the billing address associated with the credit card (the address at which you receive your paper statements) •The expiration date you provided does not match the expiration date of the credit card •The 3-digit credit card code you provided does not match the code on the credit card •The amount of the purchase exceeds the limit of your credit card •Insufficient funds

PLEASE NOTE that these issues cannot be resolved by Yates Performance. If you experience any of these issues, please correct the information you have provided or call your bank for additional information.

Why does a charge show on my credit card despite my card being declined?

•During the process of obtaining authorization from your bank for a charge to your credit card, we send your bank the billing address that you have provided in our shopping cart as well as the amount that you wish to charge.

•Your bank first confirms that your card has credit available for the charge. If the card has adequate credit, then your bank sends us an authorization number.

•Your bank also compares the billing address of your card with the one we have sent to them that you provided in the shopping cart. If the billing addresses do not match, your bank sends us a code identifying the type of mismatch, such as a mismatch with the street address, zip code, or the CVV2 code. This mismatch does not prevent your bank from authorizing the charge, but it does prevent us from actually charging your credit card.

•We will not charge your card if there is a mismatch. This is a standard fraud-prevention measure.

•Your bank will not know that we have declined the transaction based on the mismatch. In fact, your bank will simply show the transaction as pre-approved. However, it does not mean that any money will be removed from your account. It just means that the charge has been pre-approved. Since no money will be removed, the pre-approval will disappear in 5-7 days and your charge will disappear. As a result, your available credit will return to what it was before the pre-approval.

•When your card is declined due to a problem with the billing address, normally you will receive a message such as "AVS mismatch."